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Paint Protection Film Certified Installers

Paint Protection Film (also known as clear bra) is a self-healing polyurethane film designed specifically to keep your vehicle’s surfaces safe from rock chips, gravel, oils, chemicals, bug bodies, bird droppings, swirls, and scratching. 

Arizona has some of the harshest driving conditions in the country and paint protection film is designed to be the outermost protection layer between the elements and your paint. Protect your investment, resale value, and vehicle aesthetics with Restore Automotive Appearance-certified paint protection film installers.

Machine Cut Accuracy

Every piece of film is machine ‌cut on-site, per exact vehicle specifications, to ensure all of the main panels and even the unique trim pieces of your vehicle can be protected.

Software Modeled Fit

Suntek is the industry leader in obtaining new vehicles to model, making sure that every corner, seam, and relief point will provide the longest lasting protection.

Protection Coverage Options

At Restore Automotive Appearance, we have multiple protection levels to fit your vehicle’s needs and your budget. From our partial front coverage option that protects the areas of your vehicle that are most prone to damage, all the way to full body coverage to protect your entire vehicle factory paint. 

Our clear bra paint protection films are computer plotted and precision machine cut to ensure a seamless fit. We also offer custom paint protection film applications so you can choose which panels and areas you would like coverage including windshield, luggage guards, door handles, rocker panels, a-pillars and more.

Partial Front Coverage

Our most affordable coverage option that protects the areas of your vehicle most exposed to damage.


Full Front Coverage

Our mid-tier coverage option that provides optimal coverage to the entire front of your vehicle.


Full Body Coverage

Our ultimate coverage option that protects your entire vehicle from outside elements.


Additional PPF Addons

Why Choose Restore to Install PPF For You?

Complimentary Work Our Shop Gives At No Charge

Removing Damage Before Installing PPF

When it comes to installation of PPF, most shops won’t do a paint correction to remove paint defects before applying film due to the fact that the film can slightly hide scratches. 

Our shop personally prefers to remove deep scratches, scrapes, water spots, or swirls in the paint before applying any kind of protective film. Not only does removing damage provide a long-term solution for protecting your paint, but it also just makes more sense. 

Why cover up scratches when you can remove them altogether? Plus, having flawless paint underneath the film is more ideal.

Gtechniq Halo Ceramic Coating Installation

Gtechniq Halo enhances the performance of your car’s paint protection film (clear bra). This innovative product uses a chemical bond to create a layer of protection over the surface of your PPF, shielding your film from the daily elements that your car faces. 

The coating’s density and low surface energy make it effective at repelling dirt and water, which can help to keep your car looking its best for longer. 

Additionally, Gtechniq Halo can help to prevent staining caused by bird droppings, dirt and reduce yellowing caused by UV rays, giving you peace of mind knowing that your car wrap (PPF) is well-protected.

Car Wash & Paint Protection Film Check Up

At our shop, we want to ensure that your vehicle looks its best long after our services are complete. That’s why we offer a complimentary wash after the job is done, giving us the opportunity to also check on the paint protection film. 

By doing so, we can identify any bubbles or imperfections that may have occurred during the application process. 

It’s part of our commitment to providing high-quality services and ensuring that your investment in your vehicle is protected.

What Causes Paint Damage?

Car Wash

Utilize harsh chemicals and cause extensive scratching, swirls, and general degradation of your clear coat. Drive thru car washes and incorrect handwashing practices will cause swirling, scratching, and clear coat damage immediately.

Arizona Highways

Filled with rocks, gravel, sand, dust and debris. When these types of projectiles hit your vehicle's paint at high speeds this causes significant damage that can only be fixed with costly aftermarket repainting. Paint protection film is the only way to prevent chipping and damage before it begins.


Tree sap, bird droppings and bug bodies contain strong acids & proteins that will etch deep into your clear coat causing visible damage.

Sun Damage

Arizona's high UV index oxidizes clear coat at a significant rate and will lead to fading and discoloration. Paint protection film when combined with a ceramic coating is the best form of UV protection.

Self-Healing Paint Protection Film Benefits

10 Year Warranty, 8.5 Mils Thick, High Gloss Finish

Avoid Rock Chips

Shield your vehicle from the relentless assault of rock chips and maintain its pristine paint job with state-of-the-art clear bra installation. 

This self-healing paint film acts as an invisible guardian against the daily wear and tear of the open road, offering unparalleled paint protection solutions. 

Investing in a clear bra not only preserves the aesthetic of your car but also saves you a small fortune in potential repainting costs.

Prevent Scratches

Engineered to act as an invisible shield, clear bra installation ensures that wash-induced scratches and everyday wear and tear become a thing of the past. 

Our innovative paint protection solutions provide your vehicle with the ultimate armor against the elements, maintaining that showroom shine and preserving the integrity of your paint. 

It’s not just about maintaining aesthetics—investing in our self-healing PPF can also save you a significant sum, eliminating the need for costly car repainting jobs in the future.

Preserve Your Factory Finish

Imagine driving your car down the road as it glistens in the sun, untouched by time. With the latest self-healing paint film technology, your vehicle’s most vulnerable areas are shielded against the relentless assault of rock chips and scratches. 

Paint protection solutions serve as an invisible guardian, ensuring your factory paint remains pristine year after year. 

By avoiding scratches and shielding against minor abrasions, you preserve the allure and luster of your vehicle’s finish, sidestepping expensive repaint costs that can chip away at your wallet as much as debris does at your car’s surface.